Course Details - EDU 4053  Section 01- Disciplinary Reading & Writting

Term: FA-19
Instructor(s): Ms. Doris Metz 
Schedule: NA to --  
Maximum Enrollment: 1
Current Enrollment: 1
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Lab Fee: NA

Description: This course prepares candidates to teach reading in the various content areas across the curriculum. The course will focus on strategies, practices, and processes which enhance the learner’s ability to interact with texts critically as concepts, skills, and cognition levels are developed. Organizing for instruction, meeting special needs of learners, and connecting reading, writing, speaking and listening to the content area curriculum will be addressed. Topics covered include determining text complexity; understanding the two major categories of writing; writing to learn; writing to demonstrate learning; scaffolding; Socratic questioning; explicit instruction; differentiation; understanding text structures and features for the different disciplines and how to apply discipline-related texts; facilitating standards-based instruction across disciplines; and, evaluating sources for credibility. Field experience required. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program.
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