Course Details - IND 3002 Sec 01 - Job Search and Grad School Strategies

Prof. Ruth Walton;
Instruction Mode:
In Person
TR 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm - BOR 202
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This two-hour course is designed to assist students in maximizing their liberal arts education while pursuing their immediate goal toward employment and/or graduate school. In keeping with the University’s mission, it will emphasize the “professional preparation” gained at Ozarks and provide students from all disciplines the opportunity to learn how to market themselves to employers and graduate schools. Students will also learn about current hiring practices, long-term career planning, and graduate school preparation. Emphasis of subject matter will vary according to special interests, majors, and goals of each specific class. Prerequisite-- Students must have completed 75 credit hours or obtain permission of instructor. This course is most effective for first semester seniors beginning the job search process and second semester juniors preparing for entrance to graduate school. However, it is advisable for all seniors and juniors to take this course, even if they cannot fit it into their schedule at the optimum time.

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