Course Details - EDU 4303 Sec 01 - Internship I, Curr Edu Practices, Ed Tech

Professor Pamela Smith;
Instruction Mode:
In Person
TR :30:00. to :45:00. - WH 310
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Each student will complete 90 clock hours in a classroom at the level for which the candidate is preparing to teach. Students will begin the semester as a teacher’s aide and progress to teaching lessons in the classroom setting. Advanced study of contemporary issues and challenges associated with teaching in public schools. Emphasis will be on curricular programs currently is use in local and state school districts. Students are expected to work as members of a learning community in the analysis of teaching practice. Cases will serve as catalysts for analytic thinking and discussion. The course is designed to engage K-12 educators in the exploration and examination of key issues in teaching. Issues include, but are not limited to, the following: assessment, diversity, parental involvement, technology, constructivism, teacher collaboration, student motivation and individualized instruction. A complete list of practicum requirements and expectations are printed in the Teacher Education Handbook. Prerequisite: Admission to the Pat Walker Teacher Education Program.

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