Follow the links below to access the most commonly used Ozarks forms. Please note that when an online form is available, you'll receive the fastest response when you use the online version rather than a PDF version.

Form Name PDF Version Online Version Email Request
Academics: Add/Drop Form URL
Academics: Approval for Work at Other Institutions PDF
Academics: Declaration/Change of Major, Minor, or Advisor URL
Academics: Eight Semester Plan Signature Form Email
Academics: Grade Change Request PDF
Academics: Intent to Graduate URL
Academics: Petition for Course Substitution PDF
Academics: Request for Incomplete PDF
Academics: WISP Textbook Request URL
Art Installation on Campus Request Form PDF
Check Request PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Budget Allocation Request PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Constitution Guidelines PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Equipment Checkout PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Facility/Event Request Form URL
Clubs & Organizations: Fundrasing Request PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Officer Training Manual PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Petition to Seek Recognition PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Purchase Card Request PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Registration Form PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Travel Authorization Form PDF
Clubs & Organizations: Vehicle Reservation Form PDF
Compass Agreement URL
Deferred Payment Plan Agreement URL
Direct Deposit Authorization (Students) PDF
Direct Deposit Policy PDF
Electronic Signature Policy URL
Event Plan URL
Facility/Event Request Form URL
Faculty Led Study Abroad Proposal PDF
Fitness Center/Aerobics Room Waiver PDF URL
Giving: Employee Payroll Deduction URL
Giving: Make a Gift URL
Incident/Accident Report PDF
Institutional Research Request URL
Internship Form PDF
Intramural/Activity Waiver Form PDF URL
IT Help Request URL
Key Request Form PDF
Maintenance Request (Instructions) URL
Marketing Project Request URL
Missing Receipts PDF
Purchase Order PDF
Residential Life: RA/OEM Application URL
Residential Life: Themed Living Community Application PDF
Student Account Payment URL
Travel: Driver Agreement PDF
Travel: Driving History PDF
Travel: Parking: Vehicle Registration URL
Travel: Student Domestic Travel Policy PDF
Travel: Travel Authorization Form PDF
Travel: Vehicle Reservation Form PDF
Travel: Vehicle Use Policy PDF