Policies and Forms

Document NameDescription
Waiver and Release of LiabilityUniversity Waiver and Release of Liability for current students. Revised 2/22/2023
Acceptable Use Policy for Computer & Network PracticesPolicy governing the use of computers, network equipment, servers, accounts, printers, and any other device attached to the Ozarks network, including those not owned by University of the Ozarks.
Copyright PolicyUniversity policy on copyright compliance.
E-Mail Distribution List PolicyPolicy governing use of email distribution lists.
Electronic Communications/Email PolicyUniversity policy regarding use of email for communication.
Electronic Signature PolicyUniversity policy on use of electronic signatures.
Employee Vaccination, Testing, and Face Covering PolicyEmployee Vaccination, Testing, and Face Covering Policy, effective January 10, 2022. Revised January 20, 2022
Financial Responsibility AcknowledgmentFinancial Responsibility Acknowledgment - to be signed by all students prior to registration.
Prohibited SoftwarePolicy on installation of unauthorized software on University devices.
Student Direct Deposit PolicyProcedures to allow for the direct deposit funds into a student’s account by the use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
Student Domestic Travel PolicyUniversity policy governing student domestic travel.
Vehicle Use PolicyUniversity policy for use of university-owned or personal vehicles for university business.