Policies and Forms

Document NameDescription
Add/Drop FormRequest to add or drop a course.
Approval for Work at Other InstitutionsRequest approval to take a course at another institution and receive credit at Ozarks.
Declaration/Change of Major, Minor, or AdvisorDeclare a major, minor, or change advisor.
Grade Change RequestRequest to change a student grade in CAMS.
Intent to GraduateDeclaration of intent to graduate.
Petition for Course SubstitutionPetition to request that one course satisfuly the degree audit requirement for another course.
Request for IncompleteRequest to give a student a grade of "incomplete" for a course.
Tuition Waiver Request: Employee-RetireeForm used by employees or retirees to request a tuition waiver for a course.
Tuition Waiver - Dependent StudentsForm used to request a tuition waiver for a dependent student.
Faculty Led Study Abroad ProposalRequest for approval of a study abroad course.
2021-2022 University Catalog2021-2022 academic catalog providing information about University of the Ozarks and its programs.
WISP Textbook RequestForm used by Walton Scholars to request text books.