Departmental Directory
for the Division of Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Science

NameTitleEmailCampus PhoneOffice
Ardeneaux, EdwardInstructor of Englisheardeneaux@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Bailey, RebeccaAssistant Professor of Theatrerbailey@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Brown, BruceWalton Professor of Theatrebbbrown@ozarks.edu479-979-1336168 Walton Fine Arts Center
Burgh, MarkAdjunct Instructormburgh@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Caldwell, CathyAdjunct Instructor of Artccaldwell@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Carrier, ChrisAdjunct Instructor of Englishccarrier@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Clary, WilliamProfessor of Spanish/Director of Walton International Students Programwclary@ozarks.edu479-979-1471LL9 Walton Fine Arts Center
Daily, DaveProfessor of Religionddaily@ozarks.edu479-979-1456211 Walton Fine Arts Center
Denné, KristaAssistant Softball Coach, Adjunct Instructor of
Dippel, StewartProfessor of Political Sciencesadippel@ozarks.edu479-979-1466107 Boreham Business Building
Dixon, ChristopherAdjunct Instructor of Musiccdixon@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Building
Eakin, BillProfessor of Philosophy & Germanbeakin@ozarks.edu479-979-1457219 Walton Fine Arts Center
Eldridge, DebbieOffice Manager, Division of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciencedeldridg@ozarks.edu479-979-1349Division Office, Walton Fine Arts Center
Frank, KarenAssociate Professor of Historykfrank@ozarks.edu479-979-1339152 Walton Fine Arts Center
Gorman, SharonWalton Professor of Music
University Organist
slgorman@ozarks.edu479-979-1343178 Walton Fine Arts Center
Hardman, BrianProfessor of Englishbhardman@ozarks.edu479-979-1345176 Walton Fine Arts Center
Harrington, TammyProfessor of Arttharring@ozarks.edu479-979-1347112 Walton Fine Arts Center
Hayes, NatlynnAdjunct Instructor of Voicenhayes@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Hoiland, LucasAssistant Professor of Practice in Theatrelhoiland@ozarks.edu479-979-1341Walton Fine Arts Building
Holder, DawnAssociate Professor of Artdholder@ozarks.edu479-979-1348210 Walton Fine Arts Building
Jeffcoat, TanyaAdjunct Instructor of Humanitiestjeffcoat@ozarks.eduWalton Fine Arts Center
Ledger, JonathanAssistant Professor of Musicjledger@ozarks.edu479-979-1357179 Walton Fine Arts Center
Montenegro, MariaAssistant Professor of Spanishmmontenegro@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Oatis, AmyAssociate Professor of Englishaoatis@ozarks.edu479-979-1458153 Walton Fine Arts Center
Oatis, StevenDean, Division of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciencesoatis@ozarks.edu479-979-1338Division Office, Walton Fine Arts Center
Schurtz, AshleyAdjunct Instructor of Englishaschurtz@ozarks.eduNot AvailableWalton Fine Arts Center
Scully, MarkAssistant Professor of Political Sciencemscully@ozarks.edu479-979-1496104 Boreham Business Building
Strain, DavidProfessor of English and Humanitiesdstrain@ozarks.edu479-979-1340176 Walton Fine Arts Center
Weiss, JesseProfessor of Sociology and Environmental Studiesjweiss@ozarks.edu479-979-1213223 Smith-Broyles Science Center