Course Details - EDU 3343 Sec 01 - Intergrated Curriculum I-Meth K-2

Dr. Doris Metz;
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In Person
MWF 8:30 am to 9:20 am - WH 316
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This course emphasizes developmentally appropriate practices for children in K-Grade 2. Pre-service teachers have the opportunity to analyze and develop integrated curricula within the context of professional, state, and local standards. The course involves rigorous study of reading, language, speaking/listening, and writing, and how to integrate them in model units/lesson with the purpose of building deep content knowledge about a topic. Pre-service teachers build a working knowledge of curriculum strategies and techniques on which to base wise curriculum decision making for children K-Grade 2 by creating and teaching a unit of study that integrates mathematics, science, social studies, literacy, the arts, and technology. Candidates will use digital media for research and collaboration. Additionally, the course will emphasize methods of measuring and reporting student progress with the goal of making valid data-drive decision making. The course emphasizes developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes Common Core and other nationally recognized standards, as well as state adopted standards; focuses on integration of literacy throughout content courses and adapting curriculum for diverse learners.

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