Course Details - IND 1013 Sec 08 - Learning as a Catalyst for Transition

Dr. Javier Taylor;
Instruction Mode:
In Person
TR 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm - WH 316
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Ozarks Experience introduces you to what Ozarks stands for: the richness of life provided by study of the liberal arts and the quality of life provided by professional preparation. Your journey of exploration and discovery begins with your choice from an array of topics designed to help you identify what you love, what you love doing, and what you need to do it: knowledge, experience, and skills. The seminar format promotes discussion and interaction among students and between you and your professor, and this close interaction helps you adjust to the rigors of academic life. The seminar will help you strive to the following core goals: •explore, discover, and create ideas that matter •clarify your own interests and values in order to develop these into a sense of vocation •obtain the information, skills, and opportunities you need to realize your ambitions •create a place for yourself in the Ozarks community and the world beyond.

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