Course Details - PHL 4901  Section 01- Senior Seminar in Philosophy

Term: FA-19
Instructor(s): Dr. Bill Eakin 
Schedule: NA to --  
Maximum Enrollment: 1
Current Enrollment: 1
Distribution Area(s):
Lab Fee: NA

Description: A two-semester seminar designed to be the culmination of the course of study for majors in philosophy or in religion-and-philosophy who wish to emphasize philosophical study. Students will define and conduct research on a philosophy topic in consultation with their advisor, and they will present the conclusions of their work in the form of a senior thesis and an oral presentation. Philosophy majors will also complete a comprehensive exam in philosophy. Religion-and-philosophy combined majors will complete an exam in the combined areas. They will update the materials in the professional portfolios that they established in PHL 3101 Junior Colloquium in Philosophy. Students must register for both parts of the course. Prerequisite: Senior status.
Instructor Notes: